365 Project A Day in my Life

Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 73/365 project

I have seen several commericals for the Ken Kobre light scoop and had wondered what it was and after seeing several folks on the blogs talking about how great it was I decided to look into it. I watch the video and decided that even though it wasn't guaranteed to work on my camera that it was a close enough match to maybe do alright. I had to do a little adjustment to the settings they gave and still not totally happy with the lightness of the pictures. But I think I am going to really like, not having the shadows when using the flash.
What do you think..????
I used the manuel setting with
ISO set to 800
Aperture f/4.0
shutter speed 1/250
set flash on front curtain sync
flash exposure to +1
Can anyone give me any suggestions on how to keep it from coming out so light,?


  1. I usually have my aperture at 5.6 and shutter at 200 and I don't change the flash exposure. I did the first time but don't anymore for no good reason, just forgetfullness.

  2. You can also back up a bit.

    P.S. can you turn off your word verification? Please!

  3. Thanks Tracy went and checked and it was on, sorry, knew it was off on my other blog and thought I'd turned it off on this one.