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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Up date from my other blog...Monday 18, 2011

Just an up date on Keifer, we have been so blessed with our Grandson, The picture of him and his little Sister is so special to me now. When I made it I didn't think too much of the window behind them.. my focus was just on the kids, but after his wreck I realize it was a message from God that he is always there and he will take care of them.

It is truly a miracle that he is here and doing so well, even the Drs and Nurses can't believe it. They lost him in the ambulance and also in the ER. But God sent him back each time.
He is awake and talking, he still doesn't remember the wreck only the officer (his best friend) telling him to "hold on Keifer, OMG, Keifer don't move, OMG, Keifer stay with us Buddy" and the intense burning in his stomach.
The update is wonderful...They took the neck brace off yesterday and removed the nose tube and the drain tube from his stomach and also removed his catheter. They fitted him with a back brace for the 2 vertebra and his 6 ribs will have to heal on their own. They hope to get him up and walking today. He is in alot of pain and still really weak but he is A LIVE.
He is worried about his car, but it is gone nothing on it but the drivers door and seat was salvageable, but as his Daddy said who cares it's just a piece of metal it can be replace our sweet boy can't. These little sports "match box" cars are nothing but death traps that fold up like paper when you hit anything.
I want to thank each and everyone of you for your sweet notes and your Prayers, Keifer has along way to go yet, but he has come along way already.
God is good and Keifer is a real testamony to his love and grace.
Update for Weds 20, 2011
Praise God Keifer is getting to come home today. Still has along road ahead and needs someone with him 24/7. But he is doing well enough to finish his recovery at home where he is comfortable.
In home care will come every other day for PT. His Dad has taken a week or 2 off and his Sweet girl friend Hannah who hasn't left his side, will be sleeping on a cot by his bed at night. And of Course you know I'll be there till they run me home...lol.
Thank you so much for your prayers and concern. Please continue to keep him in your prayers he has along hard road ahead.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Prayers need please

Keifer with Baby Girl on her First Communion Day.
I am stopping by to ask all my blogging friends to please keep my sweet Grandson Keifer in your prayers, We came so close to losing him last night,  He was in a bad car wreck about 11:30 last night, he was on his way home and only 2 miles away when he hit some loose gravel and lost control flipping his car and hitting a huge pine tree.  His blood pressure dropped so low they almost lost him before they could do surgery to remove his ruptured spleen, They had to give him blood before they could do surgery. He has 6 broke ribs, 2 fractures on each of his L3 & L4 vertebrae, a large piece of the bone is broke off and missing in his right hip socket, plus numerous other cuts & bruises. Please pray for him, He is in so much pain..and it is going to be along hard road for him.
We are hoping there are no more breaks or fractures that they haven't found yet because they can not move him to x-ray his real good.
The only part of his car not even scratched or bent was the drivers door and the drivers seat. He doesn't remember what happened but a lady that saw it and called the law said that he crawled out of the drivers window and collapsed in the ditch, his best friend was the responding Police Officer and when he saw Keifer he just knew he wasn't going to make it.
.From the look of his car God was sitting with him and held him in his arms, He got him out of that car there is just no other explanation for his survival.
He is such a sweet, caring and loving child, We have been overwhelmed and feel so blessed by all of the people, teens and adults from our town and from Jackson who have come to the hospital, even though they know they probably can't get in to see him, texted or called just to let us know they are there and love him. Baby Girl is really taking it hard, she is so close to her Bubba..

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 95/365 project Kim Klassen Tuesday Texture Challenge

I'm joining Kim for Texture Tuesday today we were challenged to use her texture WARM SUN
I used A Taste of Pure..warm and soft baby action
then I used Kim's texture love with multiply opacity of 26,
next I added texture Warm sun with soft light opacity of 49.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

I'm back

We had some severe storms Tuesday night and I lost internet connection..the powers to be at AT&T just knew the modem was bad so they sent a new one yesterday by UPS for me to hook up..guess what? It wasn't the modem, it was the lines leading to the house..all week lost cause they wouldn't listen to me. So I am finally back on line. Will try to catch up as soon as I can.