365 Project A Day in my Life

Thursday, January 13, 2011


As most of my blogger friends know I have been under the weather lately.  I had a bout of Bronchitis in Dec with staph in my eye, pushed myself to get well for the Holidays, then the first of this year I took, the crud or so I thought, turns out I had Pneumonia and as much as I've tried to push and keep going I'm afraid it has put me down, after the outing with my girls last Monday it turned even worse. Since last Thurs. I have been back to Dr 5 times and had 5 very large shots, many scoldings and threats of Hospitalization. Tues we changed Drs in same Clinic, just different Dr and he changed everything the other Dr was doing. He has really got me feeling better, he started me on breathing treatments and as he called it a "kick butt" antibiotics just for pneumonia, Tuesday I was so very sick, but he let me beg off from going to hospital and do my treatments at home. We have the machine at home because of DH's asthma. When I returned today he was very please, he said he just knew when I left there Tues he would be putting me in the Hospital when I returned today and taping my lungs to get the fluid off, but today, though not well by along shot I am better and the air was moving through my lungs. I still have to stay in bed for another week at least, we will know more when I return, once again to see him Tues.
I will continue to try to post a picture a day, and will try to visit your blogs as soon as I can.
But dear Friends I am now very tired and going to go take my breathing treatment and head to bed. Will try to visit around some tomorrow. Please keep me in your prayers, I am so very tired but know God will get me through this, I just have to have faith and keep pushing on.